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How brave are you willing to be?

It’s a difficult question. Customers expect you to live your Purpose. Shareholders expect you to protect their assets. To stand out in a crowded category you have to be willing to take a leap.

But what if you could also calculate the risk? 

Calculated bravery. 

Space+ uses AI to examine the interconnections of thousands of online news stories, helping us to see the size and shape of the conversations which the media and our target audiences care about. Using this data, we identify the point which provides the greatest opportunity to drive editorial interest and audience outcomes – without getting caught up in competitive noise.

Space- uses the same AI technology to predict potential risks facing brands. Using a bottom-up approach,  the tool identifies any new risks through a network analysis of identified challenges facing the brand. We then measure potential brand impact based on audience interests and behaviors. Taken in concert with a corporate stake-holder analysis of risk, Space- provides a 360˚ view of risk perceptions, from those within the brand and the broader public.

Allison Spray

Global Head of Data + Analytics

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