H+K organizes luncheon to celebrate HSBC Try Rugby Program.

When HSBC partnered with rugby sevens in 2010 it was the ‘Big Bang’ moment for the sport. Moving on to accelerate the spark into an explosion, HSBC took part of a wider sustainability narrative this year, bringing the game to build a more long term sustainable development.

H+K Hong Kong organized a community luncheon in celebration of the success of the HSBC Try Rugby Program and to announce an ongoing partnership with Food Angel to move towards an increasingly Green Sevens. Held at the bank’s Hong Kong Headquarters in Central, the bank also announced an increased commitment to a greener and more sustainable Sevens.

Since then, the Green Sevens campaign has helped to reduce on-site contractor wastage by over half, and has provided thousands of meals for Hong Kong grassroots having difficulty securing access to sufficient food through re-purposing of food from the event weekend.

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